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    The Inbox by Baltic Spot service is a powerful search tool that automatically structures and analyzes your own incoming emails to simplify primarily shipbrokers’, managers’ and ship owners’ day-to-day work. It is a unique tool which enables companies with large amounts of incoming information to get a better overview and control of their own business opportunities. With Inbox, companies can now instantly search in their own incoming information all vessels and cargoes by area, size, dates, etc. and within seconds find the relevant information their looking for.

    How can Inbox by Baltic Spot be useful to me?

    The Inbox by Baltic Spot service is useful in many ways, and the usage of course differs even from person to person depending on the individual ways of working. First and foremost, the service is a powerful search tool to find the right cargo or vessel that you are looking for, within seconds. You simply add the criteria of your choice and hit search, and a list with everything you have received fitting those criteria will show! With Inbox you don´t only find relevant requirements instantly, Inbox also allows you to compare side-by-side the business options at hand. Save time not reading irrelevant information and get a better overview and control!

    You also have the option to create your own areas and shortcuts for the service to be even more efficient and individualized. You can also track areas of importance to you and get notifications when you receive something new of interest.

    Then you have our very useful Plus Features including, among other things, a Distance Calculation Tool, Statistics on your emails to catch market trends, a complete AIS feature connected to your information as well as a complete Ship database.

    Who can use Inbox by Baltic Spot?

    Inbox by Baltic Spot are developed and used by primarily shipbrokers’, managers’ and ship owners’, working in the dry cargo market.

    How do I apply for a trial?

    To apply for membership, please fill in the application form you can find on the subtab “How to join”, under the Inbox by Baltic Spot page.

    How does Inbox by Baltic Spot work?

    Inbox by Baltic Spot is a tool to help handle the constantly increasing amount of incoming emails, it is fully automatic with a very clean and efficient user interface focusing on the powerful search tool that it is.

    We do create a unique Baltic Spot server for every company that uses the service and to start testing is as easy as setting up your emails to a new phone. All you need to do is to create a rule, to start forking your emails to the unique Baltic Spot server. To access the service to search the information, you will need a username, password and a SSL certificate installed in your browser. It is similar data security as when accessing your bank.

    We have a curious innovative mind-set, but value a stable development and have our main focus on security and efficiency. We develop our services in a way that are technologically advanced, but still straight forward, logical and easy to use for our customers.

    How secure is my data in Inbox by Baltic Spot?

    All your data is considered confidential, and we do sign mutual Non-disclosure agreements. Your data will never be disclosed to any third party.

    What do I do if I need support?

    Just give us a call on +46 8 442 31 60 or send us an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to answer all questions.

    What do I do if I´m interested in receiving some more information?

    Just give us a call on +46 8 442 31 60 or send us an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

    Unparalleled overview of all incoming vessels and cargoes

    Possibility to act more strategically on your information

    Save time, be more efficient and productive

    Provide better support to your own clients

    Get a fuller up-to the minute picture of the market

    Search and find your critical information in a way that has not been possible before

    Get an instant overview of your business opportunities

    Analyze the past as well as future trends within seconds

    Better control

    Be ahead of competition

    More than 10 years of development

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