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  • Launched in 2003, we were the first ones out in the market with our unique marketplace, Baltic Spot World.

    Baltic Spot World is a unique information service for selected shipbroker and ship owner members. It provides an efficient and secure way to exchange vessel and cargo requirements, broaden your network and get new professional business contacts.

    With Baltic Spot World you can get a quick overview and can search and find relevant and reliable information in an instant. Our service is easy and straight-forward to use. Simply send your positions or cargoes to a specific e-mail address to have all or just selected members access your requirements.

    Professional network

    Being able to trust the information you work with is crucial. This is why you will only find reliable information from professional companies on the Baltic Spot World service. To secure the quality and the reliability of the information provided our members are selected and approved based on recommendations.


    Our members find our World service particularly useful when they’re short of time or when their regular contacts don’t have what they hoped for.

    For example, with our unique RangeSearch┬«-function you can quickly catch positions or cargoes within a certain range from a port. This means that you – in just matter of seconds – can check for positions or cargoes within let’s say 200 nm from Gijon or why not 500 nm from Genoa. There is simply no other way to cover this much relevant information in such short time.

    Another example is our Spotlight feature which provides a smart and useful way to cover positions or cargoes from your particular areas of interest by email.

    Our members use the World service and its many time-saving features in different ways, according to their own needs. Some show their requirements on a regular basis, while others choose to use our group feature to post their requirements only to selected members, while yet others just search for requirements. There is not just one way to use our service, members start using the service they discover their own preferred way.

    Time saving

    Easy Overview

    Fast access to the information you need

    Easy, yet powerful search capabilities

    Secure distribution to groups and companies

    Unique range search function

    New contacts with professional brokers and owners

    No need to change the way you work