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We are your reliable and experienced provider of services which simplify the handling of shipping requirements. Our two services are developed to help make your day-to-day work more efficient and to let you focus on what really matters; making business.

Baltic Spot World

Looking for networking, marketing and new business opportunities?

Our marketplace for selected professionals, Baltic Spot World, is a proven way to expand your business and professional network and to get new business contacts. We have helped ship owners and brokers for over 10 years to broaden their network, market their vessels and cargoes and search and find business opportunities.

Time saving

Fast access to the information you need

Easy Overview

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lnbox by Baltic Spot

Do you receive too much e-mail to have full control? We have the solution for you.

Our lnbox by Baltic Spot service is a unique tool which enables companies with large amounts of incoming information to get a better overview and control of their own business opportunities.

Unparalleled overview of all incoming vessels and cargoes

Save time, be more efficient and productive

Possibility to act more strategically on your information

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Our company

Our story began in 2001, when Mr. Peter Svensson noticed a need to simplify the handling of the increasing amount of e-mail received by parties in the shipping business.

That started the development of a marketplace that automatically structures incoming information by vessel, vessel details, cargo and cargo details. In 2003 we launched the Baltic Spot World service, our marketplace for selected professionals to provide members an efficient and secure way to exchange and distribute vessel and cargo requirements, expand their professional network and get new business contacts.

With the success from the Baltic Spot World service and valuable input from our customers we realized that there was an increasing problem for our customers with their own flow of incoming e-mails. The challenge was to create something like our World service, but for the stream of incoming e-mails to each company.

Nobody knew if it would be possible since it had never been done before, but we took the chance. With high focus on security and constant conversations with the end-user we managed to launch lnbox by Baltic Spot in November 2008 being able to 100% automatically analyze and structure all incoming information. We are very proud to say that we did something that had not been done before, and since then we provide our customers a better overview and control of their own incoming information, two keys to business success.

We have a curious innovative mind-set, but value a stable development and have our main focus on security and efficiency. We develop our services in a way that are technologically advanced, but still straight forward, logical and easy to use for our customers.

We strive to be the main Business Intelligence partner for companies in the shipping industry by combining our proprietary technology with a continuous input from the industry to push ourselves to take the next step in our quest to provide our customers with superior services and deliver even more valuable features to make the day-to-day work more efficient for our customers.

Our customers have trusted us for over 20 years, and we have not given them a reason to doubt.

Baltic Spot, your reliable partner.


To receive customer support, please choose any of the following options:

+46 8 442 31 60

Send us a request at: support@balticspot.com

For support sessions, we use Teamviewer. lf our support staff asks you to start a support session and you currently do not have Teamviewer, please download it here:
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Baltic Spot World and lnbox by Baltic Spot are developed thanks to the feedback from our members and our strong commitment to Research & Development. We encourage and value your opinions and suggestions on how to make our service even better.

If you have any feedback we are happy to take your call at:
+46 8 442 31 60

or answer your e-mail at info@balticspot.com