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  • Inbox by Baltic Spot is a unique time-saving tool for companies in the shipping industry which need to closely monitor and control their information as a mean to develop and expand their business successfully.

    For companies which handle large amounts of incoming information, Inbox by Baltic Spot provides an unparalleled overview and control of business opportunities – two key factors to business success.

    The service

    Inbox by Baltic Spot is a tool which automatically processes the information from your incoming e-mails, regardless of style or format. The information is structured and made searchable by main criteria such as vessel name, size, open dates, areas, cargo content, load- and discharge ports, and laycan, etc. When your information is structured, you can search and find business opportunities in our clean user interface among the thousands and thousands of e-mails in just a matter of seconds.


    The Inbox service consists of many different features, all put in place to work together to make the day-to-day work more efficient for our customers. All this combined in the Inbox service gives you a better overview of your incoming business opportunities and a tool to act more strategically on your information, thus save time and work more efficiently and productively. Our features are connected to your information as well as to all other features, in order for you to get as much benefit out of the usage as possible. To the right, you can see our AIS tool, connected both to your emails as well as the built in Ship Database. Give us a call and we will give you a demonstration!


    Using our (pat. pending) Range Search option, you need only to enter a port name and a ballast range from this port in nautical miles. In seconds, you’ll catch all positions, or cargoes, within that particular range.


    Can´t find what you are searching for? Allow the Tracker to monitor that search for you while you are doing other things. The Tracker feature is very appreciated and commonly used among our customers. It helps you to automatically monitor an area of importance to you and updates the results of a search every 5 minutes – to let you know when a new opportunity is found!

    Distance calculation tool

    Our new feature that allows you to Search for distances is a powerful search tool that will give you a quick answer of the distance without having to change neither window nor program.

    We have many more special features that are designed to bring efficiency to your day-to-day work, contact us and we will tell you more!

    Inbox by Baltic Spot is compatible with all current communication clients and thus does not require any changes in hardware nor software.

    Unparalleled overview of all incoming vessels and cargoes

    Possibility to act more strategically on your information

    Save time, be more efficient and productive

    Provide better support to your own clients

    Get a fuller up-to the minute picture of the market

    Search and find your critical information in a way that has not been possible before

    Get an instant overview of your business opportunities

    Analyze the past as well as future trends within seconds

    Better control

    Be ahead of competition

    More than 10 years of development